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Always put worry in its proper place - out of your life.

Love and trust are inseparable. You can't have one without the other.

Evil multiplies when good men don't champion what is right.

Be a part of the solution, not a problem.

Be wise, prioritize.

Every disappointment in life can be a steppingstone to greater things.

Even if everyone says you don't stand a chance, don't give up on your dreams.

Happiness is a state of mind.

Don't just look at the circumstances; look above and beyond them!

Your day is as good as you make it.

Laughter is medicine for the heart.

Put passion, zeal and enthusiasm into everything you do.

Don't let your mind cluttered with worry. It leaves less room for the good stuff.

It's not as difficult to apologize as it is to live with a guilty conscience.

Life rewards those who persevere.

I can't are sad words in any language.

Being polite costs nothing but it is priceless.

Love is the key that will open the hardest heart.
A mother is picture of God's love.

Everyone has potential; you have to discover it.

It's better to slow down and get there than never arrive at all.

The secret of happiness is being content with what you have.

Don't confuse fame with success.

Life is like a song. Which tune are you singing?

You cannot loose what you have given away.

Aim as high as you can. Don't let anything limit your faith.

There is always something you can be thankful for.

Before you judge another, think of your own last mistake.

There is nothing in the world that love can't conquer.

Smile! God loves you! Keep smiling and others will too.

If you want to be winner, you will have to be willing to give your all.

Love is never wasted; it always comes back to you hundred times over.

Be loving because god is love.

The best way to tackle today is one step at a time.

Great men are not born great. God uses troubles and trials to make them great.

It is better to complete a small project then to leave a big one half done.

Think positive! Way too many people already focus on the negative.

I rather confess I am wrong and be righ than claim I am right and be wrong.

Never confuse a mere bend on the road with end of the line.

God overlooks our negative traits; we should do the same for others.

Man looks on the out world appearance, but got looks on heart.

Those who live unselfishly are those who have a life that is most worth living.

Light up your own life by lighting up anothers.

Love is not an option; it's an obligation.

Dare to be different. Dare to take a stand for what you know is right!